Author: #AccessIndia

05 May Franchising in India

Franchising is a long established commercial strategy for growth, distinguished from other forms of distribution and agency by control, ongoing support and training, and use of a common brand. It is an extremely flexible model and can help British companies of all sizes expand both...

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05 May Intellectual Property in India

India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and is showing no signs of slowing down in 2016. This vast and diverse country, home to 1.2bn people and a government with a strong commitment to development and reform, is attractive to investment and relocation...

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04 May A soft landing and accelerated success

At the UK India Business Council we support UK businesses with the insights, networks, policy advocacy, services, business development opportunities and facilities needed to succeed in India. For those seeking practical advice, our specialist team provides a range of sector-specific research, market entry and expansion...

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